Not just for the A-List!

With the help of their Dentist dad, Allie and Lexi aimed to create an affordable, safe, and easy way to get this A-List look at a fraction of the cost! Why pay 100 dollars and take a trip to the Dentist, when you can pay $30 dollars at the comfort of your home! 

Quality Materials.

Skip the superglue! Not only is using superglue in your mouth toxic, but it is also unsafe. Imagine getting your lip stuck to your tooth! Ouch! We believe in providing a quality product. That’s why we use the same materials your dentist would use in a professional office setting. Our UV Bonding Resin is Dental Grade and we provide all of the necessary materials to ensure this can be done safely, and easily at home.

It’s fun to share a smile!

Gemzeez are a fun and easy way to achieve a temporary stylized look, that you can affordably and safely do yourself in the comfort of your own home!