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Gemzeez: The Original DIY Temporary Tooth Gem Kit

Crushed Ice Gemzeez Starter Kit

Crushed Ice Gemzeez Starter Kit

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Gemzeez Starter Kit

Introducing our 2 part application process to ensure results last 2 weeks or longer! New UV Bonding Resin formula PLUS a Cleansing Gel for results you will love, guaranteed!

Our Gemzeez Starter Kit is safe, fun, easy to use! We use the same quality gems and dental grade materials that a professional or gem technician would use! Get the same stylish look, at an affordable price! Our resin and cleansing gel are sealable and reusable, allowing MULTIPLE gem applications, for reuse and new looks!

Our Original Kit includes:

6 Small Clear Crystals, 4 Microbrush Applicators, White Gemz Pencil Picker, Gemzeez™ UV Bonding Resin, Gemzeez™ Cleansing Gel, 1 Mini UV Light, and 4 Cotton Rolls.

Now Introducing our Gemzeez Starter Kit Friend Pack and our Gemzeez Starter Kit Family Pack!

Save an additional 10% when you order our Friend Pack (2 Gemzeez Starter Kits), and 15% when you order our Family Pack (3 Gemzeez Starter Kits)! Visit our Bundle & More page!

Made in Los Angeles, California.

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